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Here is the information you requested. These materials explain the key steps in a simple, uncontested no-fault divorce. I understand your divorce is an important event in your life. I will handle your case in a highly professional manner. Court records show we have helped tens of thousands end their unhappy marriages and begin new lives. My full-time staff concentrates on every detail of your case from your first call to mailing out your final divorce decree to you. We work continuously to improve and simplify our procedures to better serve our clients. My divorce service is not a sideline, as it is for other law firms. It is all I do. My divorce clients have my full attention every hour of every day. I am the original Pennsylvania state-wide divorce lawyer since 1980! No one else has anywhere near that level of experience.

What Is A Simple, Uncontested No-Fault Divorce?

In such a divorce, no one will be blamed for causing the end of your marriage.


If someone has told you that divorces are automatic after being separated for a specific period of time, that person was wrong, even if he or she is a lawyer. In Pennsylvania, any divorce can be contested, even for no reason. Such a divorce is not simple or low-cost. I do not handle contested divorces, only cases in which both parties are and remain fully available and cooperative.

The Key Steps

As you read through my materials, you will see I offer a variety of services. Choose the one based upon how quickly you want to be divorced. Then:

  1. Complete the Client Authorization and mail it with the appropriate fee in the envelope I have provided OR SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO BEGIN BY EMAIL.

  2. On the day I receive your Client Authorization, I will begin to prepare your divorce papers for your signature, and you will hear from me in 4 to 6 days from the day you mail it.

  3. After the waiting period, both of you must sign a paper I provide consenting to the divorce.

  4. If you have lived at different addresses for every day for at least the last one year (two years if separated before December 5, 2016), there will not be a 90 day waiting period after your spouse receives his/her copies of the filed divorce papers. The case continues as soon as your spouse signs, dates and returns the form I sent with the copies.

  5. The Judge signs the decree ending your marriage. No one has to go to court.

  6. You receive a certified copy of the decree under Court seal as proof of your divorce. It may be used for remarriage or any other purpose and is valid everywhere.

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How Do I Handle Child Custody, Visitation or Child Support Problems?

Pennsylvania law does not require that child support, custody or visitation be part of your divorce. It is legal (and sometimes better) if you and your spouse work out these issues privately (without additional legal fees and expenses) before, during or after the divorce. This avoids delaying, complicating and increasing the cost of your divorce. Just getting divorced will NOT changeyour current arrangements regarding your child or children.

What If There Are Problems With Respect To Real Estate, Personal Property, Etc.?

If problems arise which you and your spouse cannot settle out of court, you will need additional advice and may have to retain another attorney. However, if you can agree, I can prepare a settlement agreement. I can remove your name or your spouse's name from the deed to your property. After your divorce is final, I can also arrange for the retaking of a maiden name or a previous married name. (See the ADDITIONAL SERVICES YOU MAY WANT below.)

What Do I Do Next?

Carefully read all of these materials and follow the instructions. Should you or your spouse fail to follow instructions, a process may have to be repeated. Specifically, you must:

  1. Read EVERYTHING before doing anything. I act on your case immediately. Fees are earned upon receipt and are non-refundable.

  2. You must always use the return envelope I provide if sending documents by regular mail.

  3. Keep what I send you for future reference. (Feel free to make copies of what you return to me.)

  4. Keep your spouse informed. Because of the requirement of confidentiality, inquiries from anyone other than you cannot be answered and will delay and increase the cost of your case.

  5. To avoid delays and increasing my cost of handling your case, put any questions you have into writing and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. I answer letters at once and at no charge.

Some Sound Advice

It is important that no remarriage plans be made by you or your spouse until your divorce is final. No guarantee can be made by any attorney as to exactly how long your divorce will take. I handle many cases and have every reason to do so as quickly as the law allows. However, you may delay your divorce at any point if you wish. The procedures for the divorce are exactly the same even if one of you is in jail or prison.

Living In Pennsylvania

A divorce through my law office must be filed in Pennsylvania. To file in Pennsylvania, AT LEAST one of you must have actually lived in Pennsylvania for at least the six months immediately prior to the filing of the divorce in Court. If it comes to my attention that neither of you has lived in Pennsylvania for the last six months, there can be no Pennsylvania divorce (or refund). If either or both of you are in full-time military service, the divorce can be filed in Pennsylvania by me for either of you, as long as at least one of you has a Pennsylvania military home-of-record, even if you both are stationed, posted, based or live outside of Pennsylvania. The county, state or country where you were married does not matter.

Any Questions?

If you have questions now before you start your divorce, call me TOLL FREE at 1-800-486-4070 between 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. To start your case and a new life, complete the Client Authorization and send it with your payment as described below. I will immediately send you divorce paper work to complete, sign and return. It is important you ALWAYS use the envelope provided. Be sure to put a stamp and your return address on it.


Michael E. Davis, Attorney

Davis Divorce Law


IF YOU WANT TO START BY EMAIL: Below are the four divorce services I offer. Please read about them all, then click here. TYPE AN “X” IN THE BOX beside the one you choose, fill in the blanks below and email this form with the required payment by credit or debit card for the service you chose by clicking “send”. I am in the office virtually every business day, but there are obviously occasional days off. Office staff is always here to keep the cases moving.

IF YOU WANT TO START BY ORDINARY MAIL: Below are the four divorce services I offer. Please read about them all. CHECK OFF AN “X” IN THE BOX beside the one you choose, fill in the blanks below and print pages 3 and 4 with this form with the required payment for the service you chose . I am in the office virtually every business day, but there are obviously occasional days off. Office staff is always here to keep the cases moving.


The amount advertised is $219.00. Court costs are NOT additional so the TOTAL AMOUNT is $219.00. This is the service for those who have no desire to speed up their divorce. You start this service by sending just $25.00 toward the total charge, or more if you wish, up to the total amount. I will send you the next step on the day I receive your payment. Future payments toward your balance, if any, are to be sent with each step. How long does it take altogether? If you have been living apart less than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016) or are still together, usually 5 to 6 months. Living apart more than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016)? Usually 3½ to 4 months. You may take as much time between steps and payments as you need.


This service starts your divorce and waiting period as quickly as possible by filing in Court within two business days. Send $155.00 (or more if you wish up to the total amount) and I will immediately send you your rush filing documents. Your next payment due when you return those documents, will be $114.00. The final payment of $10.00 will be returned with the final step. Therefore, the TOTAL AMOUNT for this service is $279.00. Court costs are NOT additional. How long does it take altogether? If you have been living apart less than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016) or are still together, usually 4 to 5 months. Living apart more than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016)? Usually 2 to 3 months.


By selecting this service, the time your case spends waiting its turn with other cases is eliminated: I WILL PREPARE AND MAIL EVERY DOCUMENT ON THE SAME DAY I RECEIVE THE PAPERS FROM YOU OR THE COURT. For this premium service, send a first payment of $155.00 (or more if you wish, up to the total amount) to receive the documents immediately. Your second payment of $134.00 is due when you return those documents. Your third payment of $70.00 will make a TOTAL AMOUNT of $359.00 for your divorce .Court costs are NOT additional. How long? If you have been living apart less than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016) or are still together, usually 3½ to 4 months. Living apart more than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016)? Usually 1½ to 2 months.


Only those separated continuously for the last 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016) or more qualify for MY FASTEST SERVICE. (EVERYONE qualifies for Service 1, 2 and 3.) You both must promptly follow instructions. It also requires your spouse's complete cooperation in signing just one document which I will send to YOU, not your spouse. If you cannot work closely with your spouse, My Fastest Service is not for you. But if you can and the documents are returned to me as fast as I send them to you, it is likely you will have your final decree within 3 to 4 weeks from the day I receive your first payment. There will be no waiting period.

For My Fastest Service, send a first payment of $155.00 (or more if you wish, up to the total amount) and I will immediately send you the documents. Your next payment of $160.00 is due when you return those documents. I will then file your divorce and send you the final step immediately. On the day I receive those documents back with your $84.00 balance (for a TOTAL AMOUNT of $399.00 - Court costs are NOT additional), I will send the Court the request to grant your divorce. On the day I receive your decree, I will send it to you. (ONCE AGAIN, ONLY THOSE SEPARATED CONTINUOUSLY FOR THE LAST 1 YEAR (2 YEARS IF YOU SEPARATED BEFORE DECEMBER 5, 2016) OR MORE AND WHO HAVE A COMPLETELY COOPERATIVE SPOUSE QUALIFY FOR MY FASTEST SERVICE. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT QUALIFY, # 3, MY PREMIUM SAME-DAY SERVICE, IS MY NEXT FASTEST SERVICE.)


First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
YOUR Signature. DO NOT Print
Your MAILING Address:
Apt Number:
Zip Code:
In care of?
Your Phone:
Your E-Mail:
Email Repeated:
SPOUSE'S Proper Full Name:

NOTE: I need no other information about your spouse at this time. I will obtain that information in the next step. I will never need your marriage license. I can use Overnight Night Express to send you your next step.
Just ADD $30.00 ($40.00, NOT $30.00, for any P.O. Box or any address not in Pennsylvania) to your first payment and use a Money Order or Credit or Debit Card (NOT a check) and check this box .

If you want me to use Regular Mail, do not add the $30.00. I will use regular mail if you do NOT ADD $30.00 to your payment.

Your Money Order or Check is to be made out to: ATTORNEY MICHAEL E. DAVIS.

Be sure to read below before sending a check instead of a money order. Checks and money orders are different. Using checks may slow down your case while they clear your bank.


1. No payment by telephone or fax.

2. If there are other services you want (see ADDITIONAL SERVICES YOU MAY WANT information below) AND you want to pay by card for them too, you may authorize the amounts for those services NOW or page 6 if you received this by email or pay for them later by money order or check or card. List it/them on a separate note if you use regular mail or put in an “x” in the box if by email. You may authorize the minimum first payment for the service you choose ($25.00 for #1 or $155.00 for #2, #3 or #4) or a higher payment in any amount up to the full amount.

3. I accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS only. NO other card except those.

Today's minimum card amount $

I authorize Attorney Michael E. Davis to charge $ at this time for the service(s) I want to the following credit or debit card account:

Card #:
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3 Digit Code on Back:
Today's Date:
First Name:
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Last Name:
Apt Number:
Zip Code:



By doing that, you will help keep my fees down. These pages answer virtually every question about my service: What I do, what I don't do, how much it will cost, how long it will take, etc.


Those who have not followed the usual formal procedures for marriage before January 1, 2005 may wonder if they entered into a valid common law marriage. I cannot tell you whether or not you did. Only the court, at great expense, can do so. However, any of the following is possible proof of your intent to be married: you led someone to believe you were married by words and/or actions; a joint tax return was filed indicating you and another were married, even a change-of-address or hospital admission form or the like. An inexpensive divorce is cheap insurance against the expensive problems you can create for yourself and others by attempting to walk away from a relationship which might later be proven to be a common law marriage. However, Pennsylvania law now states that a common law marriage entered into anywhere after January 1, 2005 is not valid in Pennsylvania.


In Pennsylvania one cannot file for a “legal separation”. Either you live together or are separated. Both are legal. If you want to force your spouse out of the home, I cannot help you with that; however, you do not have to be separated to get divorced. You both have to cooperate, however. (If you are being physically abused or threatened by your spouse, call your District Judge at once. I do not have the Judge's telephone number.)


COURT annulments are rare because the grounds are rare: marrying someone too closely related to you by blood or by marrying someone who is still married. Were you drunk or drugged? A shot gun at your back (or other physical force)? Your spouse knew that he/she was impotent or sterile and did not tell you? Even if you do qualify, you had to file for annulment as soon as you found out. Finally, annulments are expensive, have hearings and I do not handle them. Not being married very long or not living together for long after you married or failure to consummate are NOT grounds for annulment in Court; however, after you are divorced, you may be able to get an annulment from your church on such grounds.


NO-FAULT means it does not matter whose fault it is or why you want a divorce. So, even if your spouse is in jail or prison, you both must be fully available and cooperative for Davis Divorce Law to handle your divorce successfully. The jail or prison is just an address in a no-fault divorce.


Paying by check is likely to slow down your divorce process. I have had checks take as long as 6 weeks to bounce and therefore I will take no action for 2 to 6 weeks after I receive a check from you. If you desire prompt service or have selected one of my faster divorces and you send me a check, your case will proceed very slowly. Instead, send a money order or pay by credit or debit card. (Incidentally, if you have decided to pay by credit or debit card and want one or more of the services on the other side of this page and want to charge that amount too, you may do so now.)


1. Settlement Agreement: If you and your spouse agree about the things you want to settle (child support, child custody or visitation, money, real estate, vehicles, mobile homes, any other personal property, debts, alimony, pensions, retirement plans or benefits, financial accounts, attorneys fees and expenses, etc.) and you want it in binding written form, BEGIN THE PROCESS BY SENDING ME THE $200.00 fee for it at any time during your divorce, but preferably as soon as possible, and I will send you a special form for you to provide the details. DO NOT provide ANY details until you receive my form. With that information, I will prepare the agreement for you both to sign. You and your spouse will each receive a copy of the agreement, which may be enforced, if necessary, in your local court. The agreement will be completely legal and binding as a contract between you and your spouse.

2. Removal of a spouse's name from a Pennsylvania deed: Any time during the divorce, but preferably as soon as possible, send $100.00 (for each deed, if more than one) and a clear copy-NOT the original- of your present deed as recorded, and I will prepare a new deed removing the appropriate party (you or your spouse) from the deed. Be sure to tell me which of you is being removed from ownership.

3. Re-taking of a Maiden Name or Prior Married Name (but not acquiring a name you or your spouse never had): For spouses who took the last name of the other spouse (possible only after the divorce is final). Information will automatically be sent to both you and your spouse with the final decree. The fee is $45.00 and can be paid now or during or after the divorce, but the re-taking of the name will not be processed until the divorce is OVER.

4. Whether you have been separated more or less than 1 year (two years if you separated before December 5, 2016), you qualify for the low fee of my Basic Advertised Service. Those separated more than 1 year (two years if you seperated before December 5, 2016) wishing to take advantage of both the Basic Advertised Service AND the 3 to 6 week waiting period will be billed a nominal $45.00 additional. NOTE: The additional $45.00 applies only to my Basic Advertised Service, that is, to my No. 1 service. You may pay this now or after you receive the next step.


How do I handle divorces so inexpensively? First, because of my advertising and frequent referrals from satisfied clients, I represent many more divorce clients than does the average law firm.

Secondly, when no-fault became the law in Pennsylvania in 1980, I designed a method of handling uncontested no-fault divorces in an efficient, inexpensive way. Other law firms try unsuccessfully to imitate me. Unlike other law firms, my practice is limited to only no-fault, uncontested divorces, and I do not require office appointments, which are inconvenient and would only delay your case. My staff has more than 50 years of combined experience in this specific service. Your divorce is one of the most important steps in your life. Why risk entrusting it to someone having less experience?

Finally, I file my cases in a county which has low court costs and is specifically staffed and equipped to handle divorces for people throughout Pennsylvania. Many thousands of these no-fault divorces have been granted for people just like you. You will receive a court-certified Decree in Divorce the same as you would if you had filed your divorce in your own county court at greater expense. Anyone, even a lawyer, who tells you these divorces are not legal may be trying to get you to spend more money than you need to for a simple no-fault divorce.

: Check this check box to acknowledge you are starting your divorce and agree to your first payment: .

Now, let's get your new life started.

Read this only if you CANNOT find or contact your spouse.

If you know where your spouse can be contacted and notified about your divorce, stop reading this Special Information now and discard this page, since it does not apply to you and may be confusing.

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOUR SPOUSE IS OR HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING YOUR SPOUSE, my law office will NOT accept your case. You have three choices in such a case: First, stay married. Second, hire a full-service law firm which accepts such cases. A full-service law firm will conduct a good faith investigation, which usually includes advertising your divorce in one or more newspapers. Of course, a full-service law firm will charge much more for the basic divorce and I have experienced advertising costs alone of more than $500.00! Your third choice, the one that most clients make, is to do some investigating and, directly or through some other person or organization, establish contact with your spouse. While you may not like that idea, your alternatives, staying married or spending $1000.00 or more for your divorce, are even less agreeable.

How do you establish contact with your spouse? Here is a basic list: telephone directory, directory assistance, last known landlord, relatives, current and former employers, business associates, friends, acquaintances, clergy, your local support court, your local Social Security office, U.S. Postal Service address services (call the post office for information, please not me), the internet (www.theultimates.com and www.switchboard.com are two sites which may be helpful to you- if you do not have a computer, maybe you know someone who does), parent, or person locating services (try the yellow pages) or even a private investigator. Use as many of these ideas as you can. If you can get the papers to your spouse directly or by giving the papers to someone who will obtain your spouse's signature, even if that person will not or cannot tell you where your spouse is living or working, then I can accept your case. If you contact your spouse and start your case with me and it turns out later that your spouse cannot be found and/or is not fully cooperative when found, you must dismiss me and hire another law firm, and I cannot refund to you fees paid for work I have done.

If the above suggestions do not help, call toll-free 1-888-256-2155, America e-Find, which guarantees to provide information to help you find your spouse or there is no charge. (All fees and details are between you and America e-Find. My law firm accepts no responsibility and shares no fees.) When you call, you must have your spouse's full proper name, including middle name, if any, and other names your spouse may use or may have used, and your spouse's last known address (even if it is where you last lived together). Your spouse's exact birth date and social security number may be helpful. The more information you provide, the more likely the search will succeed.